Welcome to a new generation of 
e-bike, never seen before.

For the last decade, Stealth has been busy building the world’s toughest and most powerful off road electric bikes and now we're taking it to the streets.

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It's what's underneath that counts. 

The Overlander's raw, brushed aluminium chassis is complimented by high quality painted highlights and then wrapped in a tough, polyurethane coating to keep it looking fresh and clean now, and into the future.

Producing a class leading 110Nm of torque, the Overlander has one of the highest-performing e-bike motors ever produced.

Stealth’s customized mid-drive power train ensures an unmatched riding experience that’s as comfortable dicing with the dodgiest city traffic as it is climbing the steepest streets of San Francisco.

The Overlander comes in 2 model variants. The Overlander and the Overlander R.

The Overlander R has the top speed jacked to 45km/h (28mph) and the torque cranked to 110Nm to deliver a pure adrenalin spike that only a Stealth can give you. With this kind of performance the R model is categorized a Class 3 ebike across the USA but off road only in most other countries.

The standard Overlander will still get your heart racing but is limited to 250W and 25km/h with 100Nm of torque and can be used on public roads in anywhere in the world.

The Overlander’s massive, 800Wh Samsung battery pack has been kicked, punched, poked and prodded to comply with the most stringent safety standards from across the world, safely and reliably taking you over 100 realistic kilometres on just a single charge.

30 years of engineering, design and off-road experience combined to create the Australian made STEALTH brand, specialised in the design and production of high performance electric bikes.

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We're Launching Soon. Get an exclusive discount by signing up now!